Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Colby's 2011 Resolution

I tend to live in my PeaceLoveMom shirts, so it was easy to find some pictures of me wearing them.  But when I came across this one, it seemed to fit the theme of Seeking Balance.  First, ignore the 43 yr old mommy with the bat, wearing her Happy Mom shirt...she just looks silly.  But her Superman Son, with his eyes closed, hands out - as if to receive Grace - that is a picture of balance.  Some days you just need to close your eyes, extend your hands, and remember what is at your core and how it keeps you balanced.  For me, that's the Grace of God, surrounded by a loving family.  The chaos of life wants to pull you off-center - it's keeping the 1st things 1st and learning to say no to the unnecessary.

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