Wednesday, September 01, 2010

"Star" Mom Contest

I love Reality TV. I really do. Top Chef, Project Runway, Amazing Race,  I could go on and on, but my all time favorite was Dancing with the Stars. The "star" cast was announced this week and I am in shock and wondering if Mel Gibson, Mike Vick, or Lindsay Lohan will be on next season.  I just don't want to watch. 

But guess what?  I won't be able to stop myself, and here is what I know: I am a sports fanatic & 20 year NFL season ticket holder, Kyle Massey actually came to my childrens' school to visit, I love a good comic, and I think Dirty Dancing is a classic movie.

In honor of my favorite childhood TV show, (I know every episode) here are my thoughts...

(Sung to the tune of the Brady Bunch Theme)

Here's the story
Of a terrible cast
Who I really can not believe are on the show
Some of them have no talent
Lets vote them off real fast

Here's the story
Of some real stars
Who will struggle to stand with their cast
All of them will do their best job
Lets hope one wins

Stay tuned for our "Star" Mom contest starting later this week. Good news is you do not have to dance to win!