Saturday, December 15, 2007

PeaceLoveMom in Disney Worlld

Just wanted to drop in and say "THANKS" for an awesome shirt. Mint Green Lucky Mom 24/7, was a Mother's Day gift to myself this year. My first Mom's Day with our newest member of the fam, Jenna Nicole born April, 9. Her twins Robert & Ava were almost as happy as Mom & Dad (they were 22 mths). I've worn that shirt so much I've almost had to hide it....we were just in Disney World, FL and a woman stopped me to comment on my Favorite shirt. Just as we were chatting, another woman chimed in that she had one too, and proceeded to unzip her raincoat to show off the very same T!!!!

You're certainly out there and you're a HIT!

Nikki Manieri
Little Ferry, NJ