Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Maya wearing her 24 hour Mom shirt

Maya from Tampa shows us what a 24 hour Mom with newborn babies looks like! The only two people sleeping in their house are those adorable twins, Alex and Jacob.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Join in the PeaceLoveMom commitment to nurturing our children and our earth

Now thru Tuesday, April 22 “Earth Day 2008”:
Receive free shipping and a matching PeaceLoveMom
Tote Bag when you purchase our organic Green Mom t-shirt.

Must use GreenMom in the coupon code at checkout.

PeaceLoveMom encourages you to think green and do green

Each action may seem small, but these easy to do tasks will make a difference over time

10 easy PeaceLoveMom Green ideas:

1. Do not let the water run while you are brushing your teeth

2. Take a shower instead of a bath
3. Do not run the dishwasher until it is full & let the dishes dry naturally
4. Pack daily lunches in a reusable lunch box and place food in reusable containers
5. Recycle – newspapers, magazines, aluminum cans, plastic
6. Turn off the lights when you leave a room & when you leave your home
7. Wash clothes in cold or warm water
8. Turn off your computer screen
9. Use both sides of a piece of paper for note jotting or small children to create art
10. Recycle your clothes – once you or your children grow out of your clothes donate them or pass them to a friend

Do you have some PeaceLoveMom green tips to add to our blog?