Saturday, April 05, 2008

PeaceLoveMom encourages you to think green and do green

Each action may seem small, but these easy to do tasks will make a difference over time

10 easy PeaceLoveMom Green ideas:

1. Do not let the water run while you are brushing your teeth

2. Take a shower instead of a bath
3. Do not run the dishwasher until it is full & let the dishes dry naturally
4. Pack daily lunches in a reusable lunch box and place food in reusable containers
5. Recycle – newspapers, magazines, aluminum cans, plastic
6. Turn off the lights when you leave a room & when you leave your home
7. Wash clothes in cold or warm water
8. Turn off your computer screen
9. Use both sides of a piece of paper for note jotting or small children to create art
10. Recycle your clothes – once you or your children grow out of your clothes donate them or pass them to a friend

Do you have some PeaceLoveMom green tips to add to our blog?