Friday, August 27, 2010

"Mind Body Spirit: Seeking Balance" goes to Press

Not to be confused with VH1 Behind the is PeaceLoveMom Behind the Scenes!

A few things to note before you take a peak:

It is about 104 degrees in our warehouse - even with those big fans. We are shinning because we are sweating!

Now that Sandra Bullock is a new Mom, she wanted a small role in our video, but in order to participate you must actually work on the PeaceLoveMom team. Sorry Sandra :(

The Starring Characters:
  • Cynthia really does wear great jewelry everyday. She has a great sense of style. Me on the other hand, I don't think I brushed my hair.
  • Frank is "Mr. PeaceLoveMom" We all call him that because he is the best sport in town. Even on our 20th ink change, he never gets frustrated. Can you imagine how many times he hears us say "can we try one more?"
  • Miss Lorraine has been with us since day 1. She is our color compass and our confidence builder.
  • Lupe does it all..burns the screens, mixes our inks, and runs the press. He never says no and he is so fast.

This was a small glimpse into our world. We hope you get a sense of how much pride and hard work goes into creating a PeaceLoveMom tee.

Let us know if there is a "behind the PeaceLoveMom scenes" you want to know about.

We are thrilled to have you Celebrate with us!

1 comment:

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