Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Big Day Today!

Wearing these, FYI —that's Lori's body. She is the model/partner.
August 4th is a big day for us at PeaceLoveMom.  We are one of the small businesses featured on Fox News during the 2-3PM EST hour.  It is very exciting! I am going to try to do my best to represent our company and share a little insight into a small business, but all I keep thinking is:

* How does one get a size 7 foot out of their mouth on live TV?

* If I embarrass our company, can my partner Lori fire me?

* Does the camera really add 10 lbs. or did I really eat all that candy at the trade show?

* Did they offer to do my make-up because they do it for everyone or do they think I need a little extra help?

Kidding aside, we are thrilled and honored. Please tune in!

Peacelovemom, Suzanne

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