Sunday, May 23, 2010

My proud mom moments

I am so proud of my 2 daughters for their love and generosity. 18 mos. ago our family started the adoption process to bring home a son from South Korea. As we were waiting and preparing for bringing our son home my daughters came to me one day with a solution to a problem I hadn't even brought up to them yet.  We have 3 bedrooms in our house and both girls had their own bedroom.  Well, the girls noticed that Henry would need a bedroom and they decided all on their own that Trixie would move out of her bedroom because it had a crib in it and Lydia would have her move into her room because her bed sleeps 2.  I was so very, very proud that they would decide all on their own to give up their own rooms all for the sake of a brother who we hadn't met yet.

Our son, Henry, is home now.  Both girls play with him and help me more than they ever have before.  They anticipate some things I need before I even ask and when I do ask for help they immediately jump in.  It's wonderful (and quite different from before!).

Lucky, happy mom,

P.S.  YOU would be proud of Lydia, too.  The "Happy Mom" shirt I'm wearing is the only one of your tshirts I have.  I got it for mothers day 6 yrs. ago when my first daughter, Lydia, was born.  I wear it all the time -- it's my very favorite tshirt.  When Lydia and I went to a mother/daughter tea for Mother's Day we played a game and Lydia was asked what her mother's favorite thing to wear was.  She quickly and confidently answered, "Her Happy Mom shirt!"  and she was exactly right.  :)

PLM- My “Happy Mom” eyes are filled with tears as I read your proud moment. Your girls are so kind and Henry is so blessed to have big sisters…. If he ever questions it, just have him call my brother. Of course, my brother will not have a chance to respond, my sister and I still speak for him :)