Sunday, May 23, 2010

My proud mom moments

Dear PLM, I live in your shirts Fri-Sun. They are the best!  I wanted to share with you my recent proud parenting moments.  My daughter, who graduated from preschool this week (one proud moment!) just started playing T-Ball.   In yesterday’s game she got two outs and scored two runs!  Yeah Lauren!  We have been struggling on how to end my son’s nighttime addiction to his pacifier. Last week Kade announced all on his own that he was ready to give the “BaBa” to a new baby. He walked to his bed, placed the BaBa on his dresser and announced he was done!  We celebrated at the toy store.  He has not asked for it again.  He brags that he helped a new baby.  So proud of my kids! 

Best PLM,
Dallas, Tx

PLM - Great stories. You certainly have much to be proud of!