Sunday, January 03, 2010

My resolution: I have seven!

Hi, my name is Heather Hubb and I love PeaceLoveMom tshirts. I have 3 fantastic children. Dickson is 7 and loves to read starwars books. Charlee Helen wants to be the next Hanna Montana. And Olivia is my busiest of all. She is almost 2 and just now sleep through the night even though she wakes up at 6 and refuses to nap. My husband of 11 years has been in Afghanistan for the past 11 months and is due to be home in 21 days. So here are my resolutions:
  1. Be a better mother to my kids. I have been pretty serious trying to keep the house running smoothly or as smooth as it can go.
  2. Be a better wife and support my husband no matter what he is going to do after the army
  3. Exercise more and keep myself in shape. Its important to keep my body and mind going and strong.
  4. Learn to make nice silver jewlery. This was on my list last year, but I got a little distracted.
  5. Paint more, I love to paint.
  6. Learn to cook better, more homemade meals.
  7. Be a better, all around good mommy.

PLM - WOW! You already sound like a great mommy. What a beautiful family. Our warmest thanks for all your husband does to keep us safe and all you do to keep his family safe while he is gone. We are proud to celebrate Motherhood with you.